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How can I upgrade?

Upgrade is simple, you can simply click on the join tab and select the uograde you would like. If you want to upgrade your membership from TRAIN £14.99 to TRIUMPH £29.99 you can cancel your existing membership and purchase the upgraded Triumph plan.

Can you advise me on achieving my personalised goals?

Yes! We are here to help every member of our fitness community. We pride ourselves on giving you as much value as we can to help you on your journey. Every membership we have comes with total support with training and nutrition.

I have specific dietry requirements, does this affect the nutrition plan I recieve?

Our coaches create bespoke meal plans for you!

  1. Let us know direct any allergies or dietry requirements you have so we can prepare your plan for you.
  2. If you do not let us know, we will only be able to make 1 revised document.
  3. Having a meal plan personalised to you, is a great way to have complete control over your progress and reach your goals!

I don't have the code for the live workouts?

Simply contact us if you are having any troubleshooting problems and we will get back in touch ASAP. If you do miss a class, you can always catch up with a recorded live sesison so theres no fear of missing out! Our codes are distrubuted upon sign up, so any issues regarding this will have to be directly with our team:

Can I pause my membership?

Yes, of course, all of our memberships can be paused or canceled at anytime.



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